Where’s Jalen Lecque?


Donna Wheeler

Jalen rises for an easy dunk during warm-ups.

Everybody remembers Jalen Lecque. From his top-notch performances in basketball games to his fiery dunks, if you were at Christ School the same time as Jalen, then you knew who he was.

Now Athletic Director, Mr. Eric Thorp ’01 recalls, “I primarily remember all of the fanfare that came along with his being here… it seems there were always basketball social media accounts and blogs, etc., on campus trying to get footage of him. In particular, the game against Zion Williamson was a big night. The Greenie Dome was packed (we had to sell tickets) and Jalen and Zion put on a show.”

Since Lecque’s high school days, he has moved on to professional competition, taking his talents to the NBA. The 6-foot-4, 190-pound point guard initially went undrafted following the June 20, 2019 NBA draft; however, on July 6, 2019, was given a chance by the Phoenix Suns with a 4-year deal, two years guaranteed. But before the Suns could hand Jalen the reins, his skills had to be tested on the Suns G League team, the Northern Arizona Suns.

Jalen’s performance in the G League was impressive and met many people’s expectations. He averaged 13.3 points per game, 3.2 rebounds, and 3.5 assists, all the while putting his superior athleticism on display, which on several occasions, sent social media into a frenzy.

Throughout the 2019-20 season, a rookie Lecque made five official appearances for the Phoenix Suns. His role in these appearances was small but he still managed to make an impact for the struggling team.

Recently, Jalen was traded to the Pacers but has been unable to play due to a left ankle sprain. He returned to the league on the 17th against the Clippers, posting 2 points, 1 assist, and 1 rebound. His stats for the 2020-21 season are 1.7 points, 1.3 rebounds, and .7 assists.

Jalen has a ways to go before becoming a routine rotation player. His career stats reflect his low usage thus far, averaging just under one point per game and five minutes per game. However, his top-tier athleticism and pre-league performances make Lecque a world-class athlete who, with some development, will have extreme potential in the NBA.