The Struan

Christ School’s journal of art and writing


The front cover of the 2019-20 Struan.

Much of the editorial legwork had already been done when Christ School went to remote learning in March. Now the Struan is back, literally bigger than ever.

Thumb through the 48-page arts and literary magazine (embedded below), which has been published annually for decades, and you will once again find it full of lush, vibrant expressions from students and faculty. This year was different in terms of distribution though.

With the boys not being on campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Headmaster Paul Krieger decided to use the 2019-20 Struan as a summer “pick-me-up.” Rather than publish in the spring as usual, roughly 5,000 copies were mailed out to members of the school community in late July. Faculty advisor Emily Pulsifer has more Struans on hand for when Greenies return this month to start the new school year.

“I cannot tell you how many complimentary e-mails I’ve gotten, I’ve been trying to share as many as I can with the boys,” Mrs. Pulsifer said. “This magazine has found its way into so many hands and it is wonderful to see that folks feel compelled to share their favorites. That is the most copies we’ve ever done. I’ve got to hand it to Paul, it was so generous to put that kind of faith into our publication.”

“Peaches Preserved,” a piece of art by Jack Lee ’21 is on the front cover, while the title page is filled with “Stingray” by Gil Cooper ’22 and the back cover belongs to “December 29, 1943” by Jack Britts ’22. There is even a bookmark which features “Teatime Obscured” by Thomas Doss ’20.

This year’s Struan board consisted of (in alphabetical order): Jack Adams ’20, Colin Brazas ’22, Aaron Chen ’20, Thomas Doss ’20, Jackson Fender ’21, Gil Cooper ’22, Wilton Graves ’21, Tony Hao ’22, Charles Howden ’22, Michael Jaber ’22, Caleb Kurihara ’24, Durant Long ’22, Henry Lytle ’23, Michael Mahoney ’20, Max Masiello ’20, Ivan Mora ’22, Tobenna Okoli ’22, Parker Stiles ’22, and Luke Stone ’21.

Senior editors were Lux Haney-Jardine ’20, Richard Lytle ’20, Max Redic ’20, and Patrick Shea ’20. Joining Mrs. Pulsifer as faculty advisors were Aly Bolton, Erin Price, and Donna Wheeler.

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